Maintain Eligibility: Know the Requirements!

If you lose the scholarship, you CANNOT regain it at a later time.

Retaining & Renewing Your PROMISE Award

It's important that you understand the requirements for renewal. If you lose the scholarship, you CANNOT regain it at a later time. To retain or have the PROMISE award renewed each year, you must:

  • Maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale the first year and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in subsequent years.
  • Students receiving a two-semester award in an academic year must complete and earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in each 12-month period.
  • Students receiving a single-semester award must complete and earn a minimum of 15 credit hours in the academic year.
  • You may use subsequent summer sessions at your own expense to meet renewal requirements.
  • You can file the FAFSA here.

About Your PROMISE Scholarship Award

The PROMISE Scholarship will pay $4,750 per year or the cost of tuition and mandatory fees, whichever is less. Your PROMISE funds can be used at these eligible four-year and two-year institutions in West Virginia –payment will be made directly to the institution of your choice, on your behalf.

PROMISE funds can only be used to pay for undergraduate course work that applies to the student's academic program.


Know Your Terms of Eligibility

Your PROMISE Scholarship award is contingent upon your maintaining a 3.00 core and overall grade point average through your eighth semester in high school. If your grades fall below the requirement, your scholarship WILL be cancelled.

Seeking a bachelor's degree? You'll be eligible to receive a PROMISE Scholarship for no more than eight semesters of a four-year degree program**. Once you graduate or meet the requirements for graduation with a bachelor's degree you are no longer eligible for the scholarship—even if you haven't utilized your full eight semesters of eligibility.

Seeking an associate degree? You'll be eligible to receive a PROMISE Scholarship for no more than four total semesters of a two-year degree program.

**If you transition from a two-year degree program to a four-year degree program, you MUST achieve renewal requirements after your second year for continued eligibility.

Students have six years from the date awarded to utilize their PROMISE award, unless they are enrolled in the military and then the time is extended.

Awards are contingent upon annual funding of the program by the West Virginia State Legislature.

Additional PROMISE Scholarship Information

All college credits and grades MUST be counted in determining PROMISE Scholarship eligibility, regardless of whether the college accepts these credits.

Credit for a course taken again during the same award year—including the summer—to improve a grade or for any other purpose, will only be counted once toward meeting credit requirements.

You are expected to maintain continuous enrollment on a full-time basis unless a leave of absence is requested from either the institution you are attending or our office.

During your last two semesters of using the scholarship, you do not have to be enrolled as a full-time student or meet the renewal requirements to be eligible for the scholarship. However, if you have other types of financial aid, you may be required to remain full-time. Check with your institution’s financial aid office for more information.

PROMISE scholarship recipients are highly encouraged to complete 20 hours of community service, which is a rewarding way to obtain knowledge and experience outside the classroom. Visit here for a list of community and volunteer service contact information at eligible institutions.

Current PROMISE recipients can utilize semesters of eligibility during the summer term. For more information and to apply for a summer award, visit here. The application link is located under the “summer awards” tab. A summer award does count as one of your semesters of eligibility. Scholars must be academically eligible for a summer award. The summer program is contingent upon availability of funding.

At your own expense, you may use subsequent summer sessions to meet renewal requirements. If you enroll in summer school to attain the minimum credit hours required or to achieve the GPA required, you will NOT receive a PROMISE Scholarship award for that summer school enrollment. Summer school courses must be completed before the commencement of a regular semester at the eligible institution you regularly attend.

An institution may waive the continuous enrollment requirement for a medical or family bereavement absence. The institution may also grant a leave of absence for students entering or being called to military active duty or enrolling in a study abroad program, internship, or co-op program. Other requests for leaves of absence must be submitted in writing by you to the Senior Director of Financial Aid at the Higher Education Policy Commission. Student leave of absence requests submitted to the Director may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The pursuit of programs related directly to your educational program
  • Extreme financial hardships of you or your family
  • Service or volunteerism
  • Other extraordinary circumstances beyond your control where continued attendance would create a substantial hardship

By accepting a PROMISE award, you will be required to provide the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission with information regarding your address and plans after graduation, including employment and postgraduate programs.

If you lose or are denied eligibility for the PROMISE Scholarship, you can submit a written appeal within 15 days of the notification of your denial. For more information on the appeals process, visit here.

For additional information regarding the PROMISE Scholarship, visit the PROMISE homepage at


What Should You Do Now?

  • Our records indicate you are attending College of Engineering. If that is incorrect or your plans have changed, please notify our office.
  • Keep your contact information current on your WVSAM account, here.
  • Check the status of your award each semester here.
  • Contact us if any information in your account is incorrect or needs updating.
  • Check your institutional financial aid package for the PROMISE Scholarship Award. If the PROMISE Scholarship is NOT listed, contact the school's financial aid office and notify them of your eligibility.
  • Review the PROMISE Scholarship renewal requirements.
  • Connect with us!

Have Unanswered Questions?

If you still have questions regarding your award or eligibility after reviewing all of the information, links and resources provided please contact:

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission


Your Institution's Financial Aid Office

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